our product - a complete lighting control system

1. Control and management

Light Control via stationary and mobile devices. Wireless or fixed POE-solutions. Control and monitor rooms, floors and whole buildings from a easy to use interface.

2. Dynamic Lighting Data

The central component - the Network Controller - contains static and dynamic light scene data as well as an RTC. The Network Controller also monitors the underlying components in the system.

3. Input and Fixture Control

Receiving light scenario data from the Network Controller the Zone Controller intelligently controls RGBW(W)-fixtures and well as handling local inputs from push-buttons and sensors.

The Structure: Networks and Zones

The system is divided into Network (usually buildings or floors) which in turn can contain a number of zones (rooms or areas). Zones contains a number of light fixtures and physical controls.

Subscription based lighting data

The Network Controller sends out a data feed containing a number of lighting scenarios - static or dynamic.


According to the settings made in the Touch Controller each Zone Controller "pulls" the chosen lighting scenario from the stream and applies it to the light fixtures.


Inputs into the Zone Controller can then in turn modify the selected scenario - e.g. light intensity, toggle on/off.

The Lighting Control Interface lets you change scenes, adjust light intensity, disable/enabled lamps and functions, set personal light cycles and much more.

Component 1

touch controller

Component 2

network controller

The Network Controller is enclosed in a standard DIN enclosure and powered via POE for convenient installation.


The Network Controller comes preloaded with a number of useful scenarios for RGBW(W) fixtures.

Component 3

zone controller

Also in a handy DIN enclosure, the Zone Controller can control fixtures via DMX and DALI. Up to eight inputs can be connected to the controller.


Deployment of the Zone Controllers is made easy with a dedicated software tool.

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