risskov psychiatric hospital



• Control infrastructure and UI

• Fixtures

Using Moto Muto’s Zone- and Fixture Controllers in conjunction with a centralized server, a total of 17 patient rooms at the Q2-ward has been fitted with responsive LED lighting.

Products in this case

A Moto Muto-made wall-washer installed in the rooms bring dynamic, coloured lighting to the in-patients by mimicking the natural rhythm of daylight.

Specific ergonomic customizations have been implemented into the lighting cycle at Risskov: evening- and night-lighting are without blue wavelengths. This provides benefits for both the patient’s sleep and the staff working night shifts. A centralized Touch Controller makes for a user-friendly customization of every separate room and hall, while local controls toggles between preferred lighting modes.


Offering therapeutic relaxation, a number of the patient's rooms have been fitted with a video-projector and speakers working in tandem with the dynamic lighting. In this way specific moods can be set using coloured lighting and video-footage accompanied by sound-scapes.


Moto Muto’s proved infrastructure binds together video-projector, speakers and lighting controlled from a touch panel running a custom interface - making switching the mood from a serene forest to a calm seaside a breeze.


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