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In the dunes at Denmark's West Coast sits a unique museum built around a World War II bunker complex.

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The 3000 square meter museum complex is designed by the renowned architect studio Bjake Ingels Group (BIG). With it's four large exhibition halls the building hosts a number of exhibitions relating to the long history of the Danish West Coast.


The varying exhibitions required both flexible functional and exhibition lighting employing more than 300 DALI spots and strip lights.


Moto Muto was called in as expert consultants by the electricians from TeknikGruppen A/S to setup the base lighting. Enabling central control of the lighting Moto Muto also designed a user interface for controlling the base lighting and window blinds directly from tablets.


Network Controllers were used for parts of the DMX infrastructure, while Zone Controllers were used for DMX-to-DALI conversion and blinds controls.


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